If eyes are the windows to the soul then I believe lips are the messengers of the heart. Sure, they may be heart-shaped, but lips give voice to your inner beauty and accentuate one of your best features—your smile. We love lips at Mary Kay because no matter what shade of lipstick you’re wearing to feel beautiful and confident, it’s your inner beauty that shines.

We love lips that laugh out loud
Lips that smile, big and proud
We love lips

Baby lips that love to giggle
Big girl lips with sass and sizzle
We love lips

We love lips that tell the truth
Lips with power to calm and soothe
Mommy lips that kiss goodnight
Girlfriend lips keeping secrets tight
We love lips

Lips that pout when they get mad
Those same lips flip when they are glad
Smiles that fight setbacks and defeats
Triumphant grins when victory is sweet
We love lips

Lips that can flirt even when they are bare
Bright glossy lips that make a stranger stare

All shapes and sizes, with no need for scripts
Pink, red or plum – yes, we love lips!

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