Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

There are a variety of cleansing brushes out at the moment but the price tag doesn’t always seem worthwhile.

In search of a cheaper alternative we discovered Mary Kay Cleansing Brush (£35), the perfect addition to your cleansing routine. The electric cleansing brush is pretty similar to other upmarket brands. The difference? Other brushes have a built-in timer to let you know how long your cleansing routine should last and tend to use a charger, whereas Mary Kay uses batteries, which if you wanted to could substitute with a rechargeable set.

The brush itself allows you to choose from two speeds depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using the highest setting all the time because it can irritate your skin, especially when the batteries are fully charged and there’s a lot of power.

The cleansing brush came with two brush heads as well as batteries. The brush head clicked directly into the handle and the bristles were soothing against my skin. I love that it vibrates, rather than oscillates, which is nice because it gives you a wider range of motion — an ability to go left, right, up, and down — while you’re moving it across your nose and forehead. The contoured handle feels great in your hand. It’s small and light so it’s good for travel. 

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