Tiens Antilipemic Tea

You can choose to postpone your funeral with Tiens Antilipemic Tea which serves as a body detoxifier and can not only postpone your funeral but can also help you to stay healthy, miles away from cardiovascular diseases, infertility cases, diabetes, blood pressure issues and many more. Tiens Antilipemic is prepared from Green Tea in combination with a selection of Chinese herbal remedies that refreshes the body, promote digestion, dispense with lipids, and invigorate the spleen and stomach.

With the accurate combination of specific Chinese herbs for the formation of Tiens Antilipemic Tea, initiates a healthy internal cleansing process for a body system. This is a natural way of removing toxins and waste materials from the intestines and the digestive system. With a look at ways of lives, many leaves with regard of either eating to death or eating to life and this as a result has drastically increased the rate of body illness in adults and in young ones.

An average person carries about 5 to 10 pounds of disease causing toxins in the small intestine and these toxins continue to release poisons directly into the blood stream. In most cases, with the intake of drugs, antidote medicines and highly consumption of fertilize foods with meals rich in oils and cholesterols are the number one major factors causing illness and diseases. But with Tiens Antilipemic Tea, you can naturally cleanse your body by undergoing constant intake for complete detoxification of body system.

Would You Like To Know The Active Ingredients And It Functions?

Tiens Antilipemic Tea, contains six main ingredients and which are:

  • THE GREEN TEA : Is a highly demanded herb which has the ability  to  boost the immune system, improve heart health and fight off cancer cells in the body. After long research by group of scientists, it was discovered that has the remedies to cure and prevent cancel cells formation in the body cause mostly by intake of concentration of antioxidants substances.
  • GYNOSTEMMA PENTAPHYLLUM : This is called "miracle herb" is known for its amazing ability to enhance your longevity and support your cardiovascular system. Gypenoside is extracted from its leaves and stems, and has the adaptogen to increase strength and immunity, helps to fight stress, purify the blood vessels and reduce bad cholesterol.
  • FOLIUM NELUMBINIS (Lot-us) : it has a bitter taste. It is mild in action. It enhances the endurance of the human body against heat and humid conditions. experience has it that it can uplift the spirit, dissolve blood clot within the body system and enhance clothing during bleeding. Research has revealed that the distilled lotus could expand the blood vessels, resulting in a drop in the blood pressure.
  • RADIX POLYGONUM MULTIFLORUM : It has a detoxifying properly relieves pains, and can accelerate bowl evacuation. it contains lecithin, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may lower the blood cholesterol. As a result, it can enhance better blood circulation.

 Great Uses Of Tiens Antilipemic Tea

Improve the quality of life
Reduce blood lipids and clear away internal heat
Purifies the cardiovascular system and the heart
improves the acuity of sight
Reduces blood serum and weight
Relieves inflammation and clears away toxin materials.
Relieves cough and reduces sputum
Remove intensive heat from the liver and improves eyesight
Helps to keep trim
Reduces high blood pressure
Relaxes the bowels and accelerates body metabolism
Invigorates the function of the spleen, the liver and kidney thus improving sexual functions
Replenishes vitality
Modulates hair and strengthens teeth
Helps to keep a healthy body and enhances clear and beautiful face.

Now, Would Like To Know The Method of Preparation?
Requirements method for Tiens Antilipemic Tea preparation is so simple to prepare for consumption. All you have to do is to have a liter of pure water boil for about 90 to 95 degree census of boiling point. Open up the pack of Tiens Antilipemic Tea and take out three to four bags of Antilipemic Tea, open up and place in a your kettle of hot water for about 15 minutes. Have it turn out into your cup. It eventually changes color and this you can drink.

Get to Know More: Product Sharing Testimonies From Our Customers On Antilipemic Tea

I contacted a viral infection that almost ruined my life. One day, my neighbour called me after seeing all the pains i was going through and asked me to stop using the local herb i was using that which have almost destroyed my stomach and caused me severe pains. He gave me a product from Tianshi Company (Antilipemic Tea) and i used it for the first two weeks, i saw the wonders of this products, first severe stomach pains were gone, all for the first time in many years, i urinated a clean and clear urine. Tiens is indeed wonderful.

For about 3 years i suffered the problem of handshaking and not having good sleep, I cannot hold a pen to write, but when Tiens Product was introduced to me by one distributor, i started to use the Antilipemic Tea for two weeks i noticed great change in my health, today i can write with my hand and hold things without problem. -MR.B.S. LAGOS, NIGERIA

My name is Ngozi Anele. At first, I was not interested in Tiens Business, but when I attended their seminar, I listened to products testimonies and I was impressed. Because i wanted to sample their product, i registered and purchased the fertility pack for that was exactly what I needed. for I have taken so many things for nine (9) good years, but to no avail. So the moment I tried Tiens Product, that same month, I conceived. In fact, as am writing this note, I am carrying a second baby. My baby is known as Tiens baby.
The Products I took were:
1. Antilipemic Tea    2. Tiens Calcium    3. Tiens Zinc    4. Tiens Spirulina    5. Tiens Cordyceps    6. Tiens Lecithin+Calcium.

These are some of the testimonies and tested results gotten by some of our consumers and much more of them and these i can't have all in this page as they keep sending to us more and more.

Now you've gotten here so far, do you think you have a solution to your questions? Look, for it very simple to get ride of what ever problem(s) you are facing base on health cases, if only you can choose to fix things right by following the proper order for perfect health concepts and these are DETOXIFICATION, NOURISHING, STRENGTHENING, and BALANCING. These four processes are great ways to stay health and postpone your funeral. Starting with Tiens Antilipemic Tea can help you as a cleanser to remove excess body waste causing body illnesses.


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