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Strong Faith

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Chucks Uzonwanne is the Pastor and Founder of Christ House of Destiny Ministries, a non-denominational, multi-cultural ministry also known as Voice of Bliss Outreach International with headquarter in London, United Kingdom. Pastor Chucks is an inspirational, motivational and dynamic teacher of the word of God whose insightful teaching will take you on a revelatory journey to know God. He is an experienced preacher of faith with the vision to build a better world by preaching the truth of God's word, and believes passionately in the demonstration of the character of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Chucks as he is fondly known is entrusted with the message of Destiny. He is called to prepare and equip God's chosen people to walk in their destiny with the knowledge of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ. Through his ministry many who were sick have received their healing, and have discovered their faith and received salvation in Christ Jesus. Pastor Chucks is also involved in the growth and development of ministries both in Africa, United Kingdom and beyond. He is the MD/CEO of Destiny Multiplex International and Geographics Computers Limited. An entrepreneur and to his credit, the author of the best seller 'Faith for Increase: How to Exercise your Faith' and 'Having Confidence in God being led by His Spirit.' He has also authored inspirational best sellers like 'The Power of Prayer,' 'Strong Faith,' 'The Elevation of the Spirit' and 'Life Transforming Prayer' and other books yet to be published.